Pioneering in Modular Housing

Kerdic is currently working with Nova Deko, a pioneer in the modular world. Nova Deko has supplied thousands of modular homes across the world, including Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, China, and partnering in Australia with Kerdic. Nova Deko has spent over a decade researching and developing cost effective ways of living to make housing more affordable on a global scale. Kerdic has installed hundreds of modular homes across Australia with our most prominent project with Nova Deko, City Vista in Brisbane’s north. This project was one of the first ever in Australia, consisting of 14 apartments made from 28 modules.

Going Modular

Nova Deko’s modules are built in a strict controlled factory environment. This results in a much shorter construction time, more efficient use of resources and less wastage, so we can bring you superior quality housing at a much lower cost. Every module has a robust, heavy-duty steel frame specifically designed to withstand the rigours of shipping and transportation. The steel frame provides your home with considerable structural strength, as well as integral termite resistance, so it will have a far longer life cycle and be able to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, including earthquakes.

Going modular is an affordable alternative to traditional housing, without the risk of unexpected extra costs or construction delays. Since we build your home in our controlled factory environment we are able to accurately predict our costs and take advantage of economies of scale; savings which we pass directly onto purchasers. Your site costs also will be lower as your pre built home requires minimal footings and site preparation compared to a conventional home.

Nova Deko is an environmentally sensitive company which strives to increase productivity and efficiency, and simultaneously reduce the carbon footprint associated with every home we manufacture.

Modular Designs

Currently Nova Deko offers 4 premium residential designs ranging from one pod to multiple. Nova Deko also offers commercial modular projects such as student accommodation, schools, residential buildings and hotels. These modules are customised to tailor the individual needs to meet the relevant standards applicable to your country. For more information please visit Nova Deko’s website,

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