Modular Housing

Given Kerdic’s extensive background in home construction, a long term strategic aim of the company was initially to manufacture the critical internal fixtures then eventually to prefabricate complete homes. This aim was phased in over a period of 15 years, commencing with the establishment of Nova Deko, an Australia-China joint venture company located in Foshan China, in 2004.

Over that period, Nova Deko has grown to become a major manufacturer of high quality fixtures for homes such as kitchens and bathroom furniture. Then in 2010, Nova Deko implemented Phase 2, the production of modular homes.

Over the years through considerable research and development, often involving the world-renowned University of NSW in a CRC Research Project (Sustainable and affordable living through modular homes and communities), the product evolved to the level of sophistication where the prefabricated pods have been utilised in numerous contemporary residential and commercial projects around the world, including Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, China and, partnering with Kerdic¸ in Australia. The prefabricated pods produced by Nova Deko were at the core of a multi-level apartment building in Brisbane constructed in 2016.

Going modular can be an affordable alternative to traditional housing, without the risk of unexpected extra costs or construction delays. Since the homes are constructed in a controlled factory environment, we are able to accurately predict our costs and take advantage of economies of scale; savings which are passed directly onto purchasers. Site costs also will be lower as a pre-built home requires minimal footings and site preparation compared to a conventional home.

Kerdic continues to design and install modular homes with Nova Deko. Kerdic has installed hundreds of modular homes from 20ft single pods to multi level apartment complexes.