Tiny Home Trends

The phrase “tiny/container home” is now loosely used to mean anything comparatively small, semi transportable, compact in living arrangements with a very high utilisation of space. Container homes, modular homes, even traditionally built compact auxiliary or secondary dwelling homes are now often colloquially referred to as “tiny/container home”. There are a few main factors that appear to be the reason for the rise and rise of compact essential living (Tiny Homes), some more obvious than others.

Unattainable cost of housing, expensive rent and the realisation that we don’t need as much housing space as most think we do. Of course there may be a combination of reasons that make a tiny home the perfect fit:

  • Smaller housing lot sizes
  • General expense of running a large home
  • The ability to slot into a densely populated area that is culturally appealing
  • Instant living or instant remote living
  • Capital utilisation for a backyard,
  • Keeping a loving and caring eye on your parents or relatives
  • Utilising a leased block of land
  • Integrity of the modular container home for resale,
  • A staged progressive budgeted build over time. One inhabited container at a time. Starting with an all the essentials container.

To the uneducated mind house size reflects status. Home builders know the progression of the lucky heavily cashed up clients that have never owned a home before. They want the biggest bang for the buck home their money can buy. You name it they want it – spa bath, ducted AC, an in ground pool the works. Then after living in said home for a few years, cleaning empty and unused rooms, maintaining a massive yard and home, high electricity costs, etc. They realise they don’t need or want this size home.

Consequently they go back to the same builder and get them to build something more conducive to their living needs, possible even a home quarter of the size. The truth is modern living is very comfortable when our needs are met, we don’t need the rest. To this end Kerdic has targeted the ‘High Cube’ container modular home for their all-round viability, transport and long life, not to mention all the other outstanding attributes, as the best solution for the growing need in the tiny home sector. Kerdic has vast experience in this construction space already. Our modular container homes tick all the boxes.

No matter what anyone tells you (and they will to get the job) you cannot build something comparable for the same money as our purchase price, even if you were to build it yourself and not include your labour.