Minimalist, Sustainable

Australia’s passion for large homes appears to be on the decline. While Australian free-standing homes are second to the USA in terms of size, 2017-18 saw the first decline in average house size in 22 years, according to CommSec’s ‘Economic Insights’ (Nov ’18). There are many reasons for this, such as smaller household sizes; smaller allotment sizes; desire to live close to transport, work, schools, shops and restaurants; and high cost of construction. At the same time, there’s been a trend towards minimalism and environmental sustainability. These conditions have driven strong interest in ‘Tiny Homes’ and the establishment of the Tiny Homes Movement.

Fixed or Mobile

A Tiny Home can be on wheels or attached to the ground. The mobile variety is the more common and are not subject to the building codes that apply to fixed homes, however there are very stringent constraints governing their use. Being mobile, they are treated similar to caravans with strict limitations on the period they can be occupied. Attached Tiny Homes are subjected to the normal regulations and standards as a traditional home, so can be occupied permanently.

Nova Deko Tiny Homes

The Nova Deko prefabricated homes fall into the attached Tiny Home category. They are fixed to the ground by either four or six steel posts, depending upon the size of the home. Tiny homes are ideal for rural properties where construction costs may be high or for down-sizers or those who want a minimalistic lifestyle.