Prices - Indicative Costs

Basically there are two components for the installation of a prefabricated home: firstly, the purchase of the prefabricated home and its delivery to site and secondly, its installation together with any associated on-site works.


For the prefabricated component, there are a number of standard Nova Deko designs from which to choose. The table below shows the various models available together with the sizes, dimensions, bedrooms and pricing. The normal pricing is based upon the standard ex-works prices from Nova Deko Modular ( plus shipping, port handling, transport and GST.


Opportunely, Kerdic has range of models available that are heavily discounted while stocks last. Normally Nova Deko manufactures upon order, but sometimes produces homes that may be slightly different from the standards under its product development program. Therefore the current stock of secondary dwellings are essentially prototypes and are being sold ‘as is’. While the differences may be relatively minor, they are heavily discounted for that reason, as well as to clear the stock.


Santa Fe





6 x 2.4m

6 x 3.4m

12 x 2.4m

12 x 3.4m





















Importantly, some of the discounted stock have features that normally are optional extras, such as timber cladding, fold-down legs and dishwasher. So be quick for these fantastic savings! Once our current stock is sold, the base price will increase and you’ll have to pay extra for these popular features.


Please note that the Normal Prices’ are subject to change due to currency fluctuations and variations in seasonal shipping costs.


For installation, there are many variables such as distance from Brisbane CBD; council fees and charges; site conditions, access and preparation; location of services, height off ground, etc. The prefabricated homes have built-in gutters so do not require a separate roof. In addition, there’s the optional ancillary works such as decking, roof over the deck, steps and car accommodation. These will vary according to the client’s preferences. As an example, the approximate cost to supply and install a ‘Newport’ design would be as follows:


Supply and delivery of the discounted ‘Newport’ design

Estimated installation costs

Total indicative cost





NOTE: Includes construction insurance; soil test; council fees; certification fees; LSL levy; supervision allowance; crane, generator and machine hire; concrete footings; carpenter/labour allowance; plumbing and electrical connections; and painting touch-ups. These will vary according to the site location, conditions, access, services, council fees, etc. Assumes delivery to a site within 100km of the Brisbane CBD.

Kerdic has standard deck/roof designs for each home should the client prefer a fully completed home ready for immediate occupation. Pricing for decks with roof will be provided upon request.


• Frame – purpose-built container carcasses with heavy duty steel framing, joists and bearers.
• Insulation – Closed cell polyurethane sprayed onto inside walls (R1.5) and Rockwool fibreglass batts installed in framing (R2.5).
• Windows & Glass Doors – double glazed glass (5mm).
• Internal Walls – 12mm Drywall plasterboard; FC sheeting to wet areas.
• Flooring – compressed FC sheeting with floating vinyl covering; tiles to wet areas.
• Kitchen – gloss 2-pac, melamine or veneer finish (depending upon design) to all cabinetry; reconstituted quartz stone benchtops; quality appliances (oven and cooktop).
• Bathroom – tiles ceiling in shower recess and to 1.2m elsewhere; wall mounted vanity.
• Paint – three coats premium paint to internal walls.
• Plumbing – all internal tapware, sink, toilet, wastes, basins and shower roses; under-slung drainage.