Earn income from your backyard

The terms Secondary Dwelling, Granny Flat and Auxiliary Dwelling are often used interchangeably. Councils may have different definitions and certainly have different rules as to their use, however for our purposes, we’ll refer to them generically as secondary dwellings.

Many homeowners throughout Australia are earning additional income from secondary dwellings on their properties. While rules governing such dwellings vary from state to state and even between local government areas, it could be a great way to supplement incomes.

Before going down this path however, it’s always advisable to check with your local council to find out the rules that would apply to your situation. In South-east Queensland, council’s such as Ipswich and Logan, allow secondary dwellings (actually referred to as Auxiliary Units) to be rented out to non-family members, potentially turning an unproductive asset into an income earner

A Tiny Home Project Outcome

“We are extremely happy with the auxiliary dwelling installed in Ipswich by Kerdic. It’s very popular with our Airbnb tenants and is in high demand. Of the 41 reviews to date, 100% have been 5 Star and it’s returning between $450-530 per week.”

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